VIVEROS MEDIPALM, an established company in the ornamental sector

VIVEROS MEDIPALM was born in 1992 as a  Mediterranean plant marketing company, and in short order it became a producer, thus creating a nursery for ornamental plants, where new varieties are adapted for the purpose of satisfying the preferences of its clients, offering then unbeatable quality.

VIVEROS MEDIPALM is a family-owned company located on the Mediterranean coast of the south-west Spain, specifically in San Juan de los Terreros – Pulpí (Almería), with a surface area of 120 hectares. For its location, it has a mean annual temperature of 17.6º, which allows it to produce a wide range of plants of different origins, including Australia, Central America, South America, South Africa and Asia, as well as those indigenous to the Mediterranean climate.

VIVEROS MEDIPALM, is an established company in the ornamental sector that develops a large number of the most in-demand products on the market, with enough infrastructure and mechanisation to ensure improved work optimisation.  Its production is based on a wide range of trees, palm trees, bushes and specimens of great beauty and, of course, high quality. Homogeneity in its products is always a priority.


VIVEROS MEDIPALM will be present at Fruit Attraction