VIVEROS Ángel, one of Madrid’s largest nurseries

Viveros Ángel is one of Madrid’s largest nurseries, with more than six hectares of land where it grows all types of trees, bushes and garden supplies.

This nursery in Madrid has been operating for 50 years, producing and selling all types of plants, . However, it is renowned for its potted conifers and leafy plants.

Viveros Ángel is ideal for both gardeners and landscapers. It offers a comprehensive set of services that includes nationwide/international transport, as well as personal advice for a perfect experience.

The large amount of land it has available sets it apart from other garden centres, since it is able to produce a far larger variety of plants with higher quality standards. The green area is designed to enable each plant to develop its maximum potential, and makes a visit to its facilities a unique opportunity to discover the greener side of the Community of Madrid.

Viveros Ángel is in a marvellous setting, in the south-eastern regional park, an ideal spot to come and enjoy nature and to observe a plethora of plant species. Not only will you find plants on sale, but also a display of beautiful, majestic trees and colourful flowers.


Viveros Ángel will be at Fruit Attraction