VIVEROS GUZMAN will be present at Fruit Attraction

Currently the Viveros Guzmán group has a large specialized team that is always at the service of our customers, which is complemented by a group of suppliers of the highest level in quality and service achieving a merger between the best service and quality with very competitive prices, as well as the management of the production with climate control, recovery of the waters, manipulation and optimisation of wastes respecting the environment.

In 1953, Francisco Guzmán begins his career in the fruit tree trade in Coín (Malaga). In 1962, he dedicates exclusively to the cultivation of fruit tree seedlings. Later, his son Francisco Guzmán García decides to settle on a Farm near the bank of the Fahala river in Coín. On this farm the plantation of tropical fruit trees, such as avocado, cherimoya, mango, etc., is carried out.


In 1981, they settle down in Alhaurín de la Torre and what we know today as Viveros Guzmán begins to exist, thanks to watering with work, sacrifice, effort and tenacity, a professional activity that, based on the same principles, becomes a hallmark of distinction, quality and service that will pass from generation to generation.  


This is how the “Garden” Viveros Guzmán was born in Alhaurín de la Torre as an expanding business that is also heading towards gardening and selling to the public and the mercantile society Viveros Guzmán, S.L. is established. In 1990, it began to diversify its business abroad (Holland, Italy, Costa Rica …). In 1993, Finca Lagar de las Pitas was born and will be dedicated to production. In 1997, Cortijo Blanco joins as an emblem of the production of palm trees and large specimens. In 1999, La Gamera as a production farm for unique species and exotic plants, recreates the climate and the environment of the place of origin, with the idea of ​​bringing plants from the most remote corners of the planet directly to their gardens. In 2005, a farm becomes part of the group in Almeria, dedicated to the production of indoor ornamental plants in a typical greenhouse in the area.


In 2006, with the acquisition of Finca Europlantas in Coín, specialising in the production of indoor and outdoor plants of small flowers, with a number of registered rose varieties being a fundamental part, it comes to the forefront with the introduction of cutting-edge technology imported from Europe.