VASAKI IBÉRICA S.L. is a Spanish company that exports and imports fruit and vegetables

VASAKI IBÉRICA is located at a strategic point geographically,in the south east of Spain to be precise. From the beginning, Vasaki Ibérica has seen quality and traceability as the mainstays of its business model.

Vasaki Ibérica also provides an at-source product collection service for sale on commission purposes. Vasaki Ibérica supplies fresh products of the highest quality to both wholesalers and retailers. In addition to collaborating with freight forwarders, the company has its own large fleet of vehicles. All of its products have their guarantee of quality and freshness, as well as all the phytosanitary certificates required by law. 

It is a leading company in the horticultural sector. Proof of this is its workforce, which is made up of more than 25 highly qualified professional with wide experience within the sector. Thanks to them Vasaki Ibérica is a leading and innovative company, with a national and international presence, and with a portfolio of satisfied customers who are more than happy to work alongside them.