Valagro launches its new digital platform e-Hub

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and nutritional specialities, presents e-Hub: an authentic digital platform that connects Valagro with its partners, customers, distributors and users around the world interested in biostimulants, fertilisers and the world of agriculture in general, all through a single application.

There are several factors that make e-Hub an efficient support tool for decision-making in the context of agricultural production. In addition to updates and information from Valagro, in a single click, distributors, farmers and users around the world can find detailed technical information on nutritional solutions and how to use Valagro products in the context of their specific market: all Valagro’s knowledge will be accessible easily and quickly from smartphones thanks to the application’s simple interface.
But e-Hub is not just a official repository of Valagro’s knowledge: it is also a platform for dialogue and digital exchange. Thanks to the social media functions integrated into the application (social walls, instant messaging, groups, etc.), users can publish content, make inquiries about products and get in touch with the Valagro team. Valagro’s main clients, known as Platinum distributors, will have access to an Expert Club where they can get highly specialised support from Valagro’s most experienced technicians.

In addition, many new features will soon be added to the application, especially in relation to precision agriculture systems.


Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro:
“With e-Hub, we are bringing Valagro and the world of agriculture closer together. In addition to implementing the principle of customer focus that has always guided our work, e-Hub represents a fundamental step in the achievement of our long-term strategy: to become a leader in the field of agricultural nutrition and organic agricultural products, integrating and offering advanced products and value-added technological services for farmers around the world“