UNICA FRESH launches BuenOh! Dehydrated snacks on Amazon Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany

UNICA FRESH has launched, its range of dehydrated snacks – BuenOh! – on Amazon, the world’s leading online market. They are 100% natural and are establishing themselves in the market as a go-to snack which is healthy, delicious, vegan-friendly and suitable for coeliacs. With this launch, the BuenOh! range of snacks will be available in the Spanish, UK and German marketplace. 

The new brand’s range of products, which Unica Fresh launched at the last edition of Fruit Attraction, has an outstanding, extra-crunchy texture and is made with an innovative process. These are totally natural snacks that contain no additives at all. BuenOh! snacks are available in 15-gram bags, equivalent to a 150-gram portion of fresh product.

Thanks to an innovative, patented process, fruits and vegetables keep all their flavours and sensory properties and they contain no added sugar, salt, fat or other additives or preservatives, offering consumers a healthy, fun snack for eating at any time.

As the assistant manager of Unica, Diego Calderón, explained, “there’s nothing else like this on the market. The dehydrated fruit we tend to find in shops contains around 10% moisture and is soft and rubbery. Crunchier varieties are usually freeze-dried or dried at high temperatures, which causes the product to lose its nutritional properties”.

UNICA FRESH will be at Fruit Attraction

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