A multinational company chooses Ulysse, the Sacmi ``all in one`` inspection solution

Six machines, set up for inspecting the lids of food containers filled with milk-derived products, were tested and successfully launched at the production unit in Central Africa

A multinational company operating in the dairy sector, with factories throughout the world, has chosen Sacmi inspection technology for its production unit in Central Africa . The six machines supplied are Sacmi’s new ULYSSEall-in-one ” vision systems, which differ from previous systems in that the electrical control panel and wiring are incorporated into the image acquisition units.

The heart of the solution, capable of inspecting the insides of metal lids (including the curing, sealing compound and panel) is the exclusive patented Chrometriq-100 illuminator. This uses a mix of RGB lights to capture three images simultaneously with different lighting, providing a combination of speed and accuracy for inspection operations.

Already installed and tested successfully, the solutions are used for the inspection of metal lids on three-piece metal food cans , intended to   contain a series of milk-derived products (condensed, evaporated and powdered milk). This is a step towards total quality control for the African production unit manufacturing both the cans and the lids.

The supply to this international primary dairy company, which, for the first time, has chosen Sacmi inspection and quality control systems, confirms the validity of the vision technology , developed by the Group’s Automation and Inspection Systems Division. This technology was already a leading solution for a wide range of applications in the field of packaging, from the quality control of capsules and lids to that of containers, labels and preforms.