TROPICAL MILLENIUM presents Limited Edition - m of Premium-, 100% flavour

THE LIMITED EDITION, as indicated by its name, is a specific number of the m premium brand that stands out for its natural maturation, collection and presentation. The concept leaves no doubt that it is a limited quantity where the flavour is the protagonist.

  • What makes it different?
    Natural maturation.
    Flavour as a key and differentiation.


> Creamy HASS AVOCADOS with a nutty flavour. The guaranteed minimum dry matter is 26%.

> KENT, PALMER, OSTEEN AND IRWIN MANGOS aromatic, sweet and fine texture. Guaranteed minimum brix ratings of 15.

> FORMOSA PAPAYAS with intense flavour with guaranteed minimum brix degrees of 11


TROPICAL MILLENIUM will be present at Fruit Attraction.