TIO CACHEJE, import, packaging and wholesale distribution of melons and fruit

TIO CACHEJE is dedicated to the import, packaging and wholesale distribution of melons and fruit.

Its facilities cover 20,000 metres, including a 2,600 sq. metre warehouse with special machinery that, together with highly qualified staff, offer a faster and higher quality service.

In Tio Cacheje they perform very exhaustive controls backed by the IFS certification. Their long experience in the sector and the wide list of experienced farmers and professional collaborators assure them a detailed and controlled knowledge of the crop, zones and harvesting dates, variety and needs of the product, making a perfect control of traceability possible.

Their suppliers are very diverse. In winter campaigns they are in Brazil, Argentina, Senegal and Morocco, having their own production in Brazil. In summer campaign they acquire the product in Spain: Almeria, Murcia, La Mancha and Villaconejos

Its melon is distributed nationally in various markets, but also internationally, in areas of the European Union such as Portugal, France and Belgium. Very demanding markets that have opted for a quality brand, knowing how to recognize the value and perfection of their food.

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C/ Camino de la Cooperativa s/n
28360 – Villaconejos – MADRID

Administration phone: 91 893 85 79
Buyers number: 626 86 78 36
Sales number: 669 47 49 71