Sunrise Fruits Company attends Fruit Attraction 2018 with a totally customer focused approach

The Sunrise Fruits team is looking forward to this year’s fair with special enthusiasm in light of the many changes that have been made. As manager Celia Sin points out, “This year we have set ourselves a very clear objective, namely to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We know that we have a quality product, that our team is highly specialized and that the service we provide is frankly excellent. Therefore, we have focused on communicating this differentiation and on reaching the market with a more strategic commercial formula“.

In this respect, one of the company’s strategies has been the renewal of its website, with the aim being to make it very comfortable to browse, provide useful information for the customer, and to give it a modern and attractive style, all impregnated with the Sunrise Fruits corporate identity. “We want work alongside our customers, providing support, our knowledge of the sector and being a trusted partner. We think it is important to be there from the word go, and that is why we have created a website that provides everything they need. We are also launching a newsletter to inform them about our products and services and upgrading our social networks , another key element in the way we approach the current market “, stresses Celia Sin.

On the other hand, Sunrise Fruits is aware that the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables is increasing by leaps and bounds and wants to respond to this need not only now but in the future. Consequently, the company is working on providing new eco-product varieties such as, for example , the organic fig , which will be presented along with other innovations at Fruit Attraction 2018.

“We are sure that at this fair we will identify new business opportunities. It will be a perfect window to the market to present our renewed image and transmit the differential values ​​of Sunrise Fruits Company” were Celia Sin’s parting words. Let’s hope so!

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