SOLUNION, a company specialised in credit insurance and surety, supports the fruit and vegetable sector once more at Fruit Attraction

SOLUNION offers advice on the management of the risk of non-payment at Fruit Attraction. The company, specialised in credit insurance and surety, once again supports the fruit and vegetable sector at Fruit Attraction.

SOLUNION accompanies businesses in their commercial development, providing them with the means to avoid and cover the risks arising in their business relationships. Taking out credit insurance is principally to acquire resources to anticipate and prevent risks.

SOLUNION provides businesses with tools such as the Grade, which is able to forecast the solvency of a debtor in the next twelve months from a thorough analysis of current information on countries, sectors and businesses. It captures companies’ financial situations to evaluate, assess and control the risk of the buyer.

Products and services adapted to the needs of each company, such as SMARTCOVER, based on the Grade, to cover those strategic clients for the assured that are not included in their identified export risks, second layer products CAP/CAP+ and Power CAP, the Global Policy and specialised products such as Simplifica for SMEs, will only be part of what SOLUNION will offer to attendees at its Fruit Attraction stand.