SOHISCERT. A Guarantee for Certification

Nowadays, producers and companies have the responsibility to offer safe and quality products to consumers, who are becoming better informed and more demanding in terms of the quality of the products purchased.

This situation has given rise to several Quality Programmes that help make the sector more competitive by offering security guarantees to consumers based on quality standards. These standards ensure that safer products reach the market and bring added value, granting producers a privileged position over the competition and access to more selective markets, reporting higher profitability than usual, both in national and international markets.

A variety of Quality Standards and Programmes have now been put in place at different levels to strengthen Food Safety and ensure it applies from the source of the product (in the field) through all levels (industries, distributors, marketers, etc.) to the final consumer.

SOHISCERT is an accredited agrifood control and certification body for various certification levels in accordance with the UNEEN ISO/IEC 17065 standard, bearing accreditation number 05/C-PR006. Its procedures meet the technical and objective competence levels required by the standard, as certified by ENAC in the official accreditation process, as well as by the different Public Administrations and international organizations in charge of granting authorizations and standardisations.

Currently, SOHISCERT has been leading the agrifood certification sector for 20 years, offering guarantees that a product, process or service is compliant with the requirements of a specific standard. Over the years, SOHISCERT has grown and expanded its certification services: Organic Production, GlobalG.A.P., GRASP, TESCO Nurture, IFS, BRC, PDO, PGI, Collective Trademarks, Integrated Production and Private Specifications. Its certifications are the result of a process to confirm that an agri-food product is compliant with the requirements of a certain standard or specification.

Undoubtedly, Fruit Attraction is a priority meeting point for SOHISCERT at which to offer their certification services to any companies wishing to use them. It will have a stand composed of operators certified by SOHISCERT located in Hall 6, Organic Hub sector, booth 6C03.