SEMILLEROS LAIMUND is a leading company in the ornamental plant and fruit and vegetable seedling sector

With more than 30 years’ experience, Semilleros Laimund is a leading company in the ornamental and fruit and vegetable seedling business in Spain in terms of technology applied to products and installations.

The company has three regional headquarters in the province of Almería measuring 82,000 square metres, occupied by latest-generation greenhouses where they grow 40 million fruit and vegetable seedlings every year. Semilleros Laimund is a leader in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector thanks to its commitment and the company’s investments in technology. It has 70,000 square metres of latest generation multi-tunnel greenhouses where it produces ornamental plant seedlings for obtaining highly efficient, superb-quality products.


The nursery has temperature control systems in all regional headquarters, with heating equipment, air extractors, thermal screens and automated irrigation control and other equipment. Semilleros Laimund is the nerve centre of the biggest fleet of trucks and land vehicles for fresh produce and ornamental plants in Europe: Almería.

Semilleros Laimund will attend Fruit Attraction 2018.