SEIPASA completes the extension of its production plant

Seipasa, a company that develops and formulates natural solutions for agriculture, has unveiled the extension of its production plant.

The upgrade consisted of completely restructuring the manufacturing, packaging and logistics centre in Seipasa en l’Alcúdia (Valencia), and completely revamping the corporate image.


The facilities have been extended by 3,000 square metres, doubling production space to a total of 6,000 square metres. The core of the work consisted of building a new biopesticide formulation plant. The new reactors, already working to full capacity, have doubled production capacity to up to 50,000 litres/day. The purpose of this extension, which took a year to complete, was to adapt the production structure to increased national demand and to expand internationally into new markets.


Seipasa’s larger facilities mean it is now ready to face new challenges. The changes were also an opportunity to restructure its offices and common areas. A larger workforce, which has doubled in recent years to more than 50 employees, has prompted the company to move the marketing, commercial and home and garden departments to new offices built at the production plant.


Seipasa is a pioneering company when it comes to formulating and developing treatments for natural crop protection, bio-stimulation and nourishment. For more than 20 years, the company has been formulating and registering high-value technological solutions applied to the most demanding agriculture on the planet. Seipasa is established in more than 20 countries in the world.


Seipasa will be at Fruit Attraction.