Seipasa is once again a finalist in the 2018 Agrow Awards

Seipasa, a Spanish company specialising in the development and formulation of natural solutions for agriculture, is one of the finalists of the 2018 Agrow Awards. The awards, now in their eleventh edition, have become a reference in the agri-food industry at an international level. Last year, Seipasa won the prize for the Most Innovative Formulation with the next generation biofungicide Fungisei.

On this occasion, Seipasa is competing for the top prize in 2 of the 16 categories: Best Marketing Campaign and Best Biological Product. The natural insecticide Pirecris will compete for the Best Marketing Campaign award with multinationals such as BASF, STK and Syngenta. The campaign ‘Trust in the effectiveness of the leader’, featuring the face of world archery champion Encarna Garrido, was presented in October 2017 to support the launch of Pirecris after obtaining phytosanitary registration.

The category of Best Marketing Campaign recognises creative excellence in marketing and advertising actions within the crop protection industry. According to Juan Manuel López, marketing director of Seipasa, Pirecris is an innovative campaign that aims to convey the effectiveness, leadership and optimal performance of the product through the values ​​of an elite athlete and world champion in her field.

“As well as the strategic values ​​of the product, by using the face of Encarna Garrido as a brand image we wanted to make visible and give importance to the key role of women in a sector such as agriculture, which is mainly occupied and dominated by men. Advertising usually associates femininity with values ​​related to seduction or beauty, but we have tried to break that relationship to link it to strictly professional values ​​such as effort, achievement and excellence,” said López.


Best Biological Product

For its part, Seican has been selected as a finalist in the category of Best Biological Product along with those from multinationals such as Eastman or Marrone. This prize is for the best new product designed for the protection or improvement of crops based on a natural organism and which came onto the market after January 1, 2017.

Seican is a new concept, with 2 different modes of action in the same product: a fungicide and insecticide for the control of pests and diseases. It has phytosanitary registration in the US and it is in the process of being registered in 4 other countries. Developed from a novel formulation based on substances of botanical origin, Seican provides a powerful shock effect against diseases such as powdery mildew, botrytis, and a large number of insects. 

The director of R&D of Seipasa, Francisco Espinosa, has highlighted Seican’s as a product that “responds to the strong social demand to produce waste-free food fully aligned with the European regulatory framework of drastic reduction of chemical pesticides.”

The Agrow Awards, which are presented as an international event for the agri-food sector, recognise the advances and innovation provided by companies within the crop protection industry. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 12 November.