Sales of fruit and vegetables by purchase channels: shops fade as supermarkets rally

The traditional shop is still the preferred channel for Spanish households to acquire fresh fruit and vegetables in 2017, representing 33.4% of the market in the case of fruit and 30.7% in the case of vegetables, although this share has fallen as compared to the previous year

Purchases in supermarkets/self-service markets has grown slightly, while e-commerce is no more than 0.5% of the share in volume, according to the “Report on the Consumption of Food in Spain in 2017“.

In the case of fruit, the traditional shop is the preferred purchase channel in Spanish households, with 33.4% of the volume, although in 2017 its volume fell by 8.7% in relation to 2016. Supermarkets/self-service markets have grown slightly, by 0.4%, and discount stores fell by the same percentage, now standing at 11.6% of the volume. As for e-commerce, it represents only 0.4% of the market share, with a growth of 3.9%.

As for vegetables, the traditional shop accounts for 30.7% of purchases by households, 7.2% less than in 2016, followed by supermarkets/self-service markets, with 30.6% of the total volume sold, 3.2% more than in 2016. Vegetable purchases through discount stores is 11.3% (+0.1%), hypermarket sales account for 7.4% (-3.1%), and e-commerce represents 0.5%, with a growth of 21.8%, according to data from the “Report on the Consumption of Food in Spain in 2017”.