Russell IPM Wins 2018’s Queen’s Award for Innovation

British company Russell IPM Ltd. designs and manufactures biorational products for plant protection, traps and pheromone-based solutions for use in agriculture worldwide. This year, the company was selected to receive its second Innovation accolade by the Queens Awards Office.

For over 30 years, North Wales-based manufacturer Russell IPM has been supplying insect pheromones and traps, biostimulants and biopesticides for agriculture. The company’s culture of anticipating the latest global pest epidemics and the successful new solutions it offers have solidified its presence as a British centre of excellence. In 2012, the company was awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation for its Ferolite trap that aids the horticultural industry in controlling infestations by the tomato pest, Tuta absoluta. In 2018, Russell IPM received a second award for developing a unique trap against the western flower thrips, a pest that has been destroying crops in the UK and across the world.

As the challenges in producing fresh fruits and vegetables become ever more complex due to market demand for chemical-free groceries as well as inability to protect crops with pesticides because of insect resistance, more growers and farmers turn to ecologically-sound plant protection products.

The award-winning solution developed by Russell IPM meets this market reality by using a natural approach to pest control, which significantly reduces the need for pesticides. It comprises a range of scientifically enhanced sticky roller traps for the control of whitefly and Thrips species. After years of rigorous testing around the world, Russell IPM has identified the specific colour spectra and patterns that attract these insects, and has enhanced the attraction by incorporating pheromones directly into the adhesive surface of the roller traps. As a result, the attraction of target pests to the traps has been significantly increased, and the traps have proven to reduce crop damage and increase grower returns. Consumers, in turn, are rewarded with higher-class produce without pesticide residues.

The award-winning roller traps, Optiroll and Actiroll, come in several varieties and sizes and are available through Russell IPM and its distributors around the world.