RGD MAPE: more than 40 years manufacturing machines

RGD MAPE which has been manufacturing machines and innovating in product packaging for more than 40 years, offers its customers the best packaging solutions, increasing their productivity and reducing costs.

 Its machinery combines simplicity with efficiency, speed with excellent finishes and productivity with savings. These machines are very easy to handle and yet they offer the best performance currently on the market, both in speed and quality in the final product.

 The Seville-based company manufactures the most modern packaging machinery and distributes it worldwide. 90% of the suppliers are local, meaning they are promoting the industrial development of the area and of companies in the sector.

 Its objective is to be increasingly effective, to expand into new markets and to consolidate the markets where they already have a presence.

They have a high-quality, highly competitive product that is constantly incorporating the most innovative technology in order to satisfy the most demanding markets. They remain committed to research in order to offer the best present and future solutions, not forgetting savings and protection of the environment.