Raytec Vision, leader in the field of optical classification technology

Raytec Vision is a leading company in the field of optical classification technology and X-ray inspection with more than 17 years of experience in different segments of the food market and more than 1,300 machines installed worldwide. Thanks to constant research, a wide range of innovative machines has been created to guarantee food quality and safety: optical sorters for raw materials and processed products, and X-ray inspectors for packaged and bulk products. Thanks to its consolidated experience, Raytec offers customised solutions for the specific needs of its clients, with whom it builds a unique and lasting partnership.

At Fruit Attraction, Raytec will present its latest innovation: Dryce. It is a new optical sorter with innovative technology for dry and frozen products also used in the selection of molluscs, peach halves, potatoes and in the future other products thanks to its great ability to identify very difficult-to-spot defects. Dryce rejects foreign bodies, products with colour defects and deteriorated products. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure maximum safety and precision: double view with 4 cameras, LED lights with 10 frequencies, 4K resolution, double rejection system and Smart-jet ejection system. Dryce stands out for its ultra-clean design aimed at guaranteeing high standards of hygiene and ease of use thanks also to the new UNYCO GUI software.

Another new product is Bellavista, the exclusive machine designed and produced by Gemini in collaboration with Raytec Vision, which will be present at the stand. Bellavista is the world’s first baby-leaf harvester with on-board optical classification system capable of eliminating the most dangerous foreign bodies directly in the field. A vision system equipped with NIR (Near InfraRed) technology and chlorophyll analysis makes it possible to identify all defects larger than 10 mm, rejecting 95% of contaminants directly in the field. Bellavista is not only synonymous with quality, efficiency and safety, it also stands out for its special attention to comfort: the operator is comfortably seated and has a large colour touch screen to easily interact with all the equipment’s functions.