Extreme®, the star brand of Provedo in Fruit Attraction 2018

If there is an element that provides value in Provedo, that is its ability to continuously contribute to the market, the fruit that consumers demand: with firmness of its flesh, excellent colour in all its surface, round and attractive shape, and above all, flavour, characterized by its sweetness and juiciness. Provedo presents as a novelty several peaches and nectarines with Extreme® flavour.

This edition will also highlight some of its new varieties of plums, such as Blondy®79, yellow, early, with excellent productivity, high calibre, beautiful skin of a very resistant yellow gold colour, which is not marked when it is collected, and that perfectly resists the commercial channel.

In Pavías, Argos® stands out, a precocious product that is gathering an extraordinary success. Its precocity and hardness, together with a great calibre, combines a very powerful product that also has a very long post-harvest life that has made it possible to export over long distances.

Today, Provedo has 90 patents resulting from its research effort; each one with peculiar characteristics and destined to a specific market or to a certain use. A company greatly expanded and consolidated in countries such as Chile, South Africa, USA, Australia, Italy, France, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.  Continually thinking about continuing to spread its flavour throughout the world.

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