PROJAR: Growing raspberries without soil, an extremely profitable technique

Hydroponic raspberry cultivation is one of the cultivation methods that Projar will present at Fruit Attraction. This is a highly profitable production technique for raspberry growers as it responds to farmers’ demands by providing quality plants in a short space of time, with a significant increase in productivity, especially in the first few years.

With this soil-free growing method, raspberry plants grow independently of soil conditions, in a controlled environment which is adapted to their needs. As a result, there is greater control over water use, better pest and disease prevention and better monitoring of quality parameters such as hydration.

At its stand (10F12B), Projar will exhibit several products aimed at growing raspberries without soil, including the Berrypot plantpot; the Sustraberry Raspberry substrate, composed of blonde peat, coconut and perlite; and the Golden Grow Hydroponics Raspberry coconut fibre, which has a format that adapts perfectly to Berrypot pots. There will also be samples of our anti-weed meshes, shading meshes and vertical trellising systems for raspberry plants.