Soil-less production of blackberries, Projar's new commitment to the red fruit sector

Among the berries, the blackberry is increasingly in demand in the market and its production is growing significantly worldwide

For this reason, and in order to meet the sector’s production needs, Projar has developed a specific product line for the production of blackberries without soil, a technique that has proved to be more profitable in the early years of production than traditional cultivation.

With a technical team expert in berries, Projar has developed specific substrates for the production of blackberries, such as Sustraberry Mora and the Golden Grow Hydroponics Mora coconut fibre block; special pots for plant development, such as the Berrypot Mora pot, or the Golden Grow Hydroponics Premium Easyplanter coconut fibre growbag.

At its stand 10F12B of Fruit Attraction, Projar will present its extensive catalogue for the cultivation of blackberries and other red fruits to visitors. In addition, the professional grower can benefit from the support of Projar’s technical berry specialists and receive personalised advice on starting high-performance production.

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