PROEXPORT aims to highlight the quality of Murcian agriculture at Fruit Attraction

 “Agriculture in the Region of Murcia (Spain) is synonymous with quality, which is how it is recognised in international markets and we want everyone to know why. We are very focused on growing fruit and vegetables with the best flavour, we rely on the work of farmers and professionals in the agricultural sector, we make responsible and sustainable use of resources, we are innovative in shapes and varieties that adapt to consumer demands and we offer an outstanding service to our customers. All this sets us apart and we are going to tell you about it at Fruit Attraction”, assures Juan Marín Bravo, President of PROEXPORT.

To do this, PROEXPORT associates will go to Fruit Attraction, the international fair of fruit and vegetables that is held from 23 to 25 October in Madrid, with a large team distributed across thirty-six stands and more than 2,000 square metres of exhibition space. A strong commitment by this association of producers and exporters from Murcia, which wants to strengthen commercial ties and reinforce the confidence of their companies and customers at the tenth anniversary of the fair.

The companies associated with PROEXPORT that will have a stand in this edition of Fruit Attraction 2018 are Agrar Systems, Agrícola Aguileña, Agrícola Santa Eulalia, Agricultores del Sureste, Agridemur Marketing, Agrodolores El Mirador, Agroherni, Agromark, Agromediterránea Hortofrutícola, Agrorizao, Agrupapulpí, Amaco, Bonnysa Agroalimentaria, Campo de Lorca, Difrusa Export, Fruca Marketing, Fruveg, G.H. Paloma, Hortiberia, Hortofortini España, Kernel Export, Kettle Produce España, Looije, Mercagrisa, Murciana de Vegetales, Pascual Marketing, Peregrín, Pozo Sur, Primaflor, Procomel, Sol y Tierra Campo de Cartagena, Subasur, Surinver, Teresa Hermanos and Verdimed.

The Proexport stand (7D02) and most of its associates are located in the Murcia Region space in Hall 7. The rest of the companies are located in halls 3 and 9. From the Proexport stand “we will support our associates, who will be able to make appointments with their business contacts here if they do not have their own space. In addition, we will maintain contacts with national and European institutions and develop some of the events aimed at international clients and professionals”, explains its director, Fernando P. Gómez.

The activity of PROEXPORT at Fruit Attraction 2018 will have two high points. On Wednesday, 24 October from 4:00 pm, the Biofruitcongress Congress ( will be held in the Fruit Forum (Hall 6).

Organised by Eurofresh Distribution and Fruit Attraction, with the exclusive collaboration of Proexport, this event will address the challenges facing the European organic fruit and vegetable market. Recognised experts and leading European distributors will analyse market trends in organics. The speakers will include the president of the Murcian company Kernel Export and Proexport manager, José Antonio Cánovas, who will offer his vision of the organic sector from the point of view of Spanish production.

In addition, the Proexport stand will host the awards ceremony of the 8th Edition of “Internet Stars” on the same day at 17.30. Organised by Fruit Today, the awards recognise the actions of companies in the fruit and vegetable sector that have adapted to the new social reality offered by the internet and online marketing. A hundred companies from all over Spain will participate in this edition.

The Association of Producers-Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia (PROEXPORT) brings together 55 groups of companies and leading cooperatives in the export of fruit and vegetables in the Region of Murcia. PROEXPORT associates market more than 1 million tons, export to 62 countries and directly employ more than 28,000 workers. PROEXPORT has received national awards for the Promotion of Healthy Eating among Schoolchildren and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Agricultural Sector as well as two regional awards for Sustainable Development.