PROBELTE, half a century at the service of Nutrition and Plant Health

Founded in 1970, one of the company’s major values is providing more than 100 direct jobs. They feel proud of their greatest asset: human capital. Probelte has always been at the farmer’s service. Among its core business values​are quality, responsibility, excellence and leadership, both in its products and in its relationship with the customer and the environment.

Probelte has its own R&D&I department, which is responsible for creating new products and refining existing ones to satisfy a highly competitive market. In this regard, research is especially active in fields such as Agrobiotechnology. This means developing technological products with biological ingredients that are aimed at both traditional and organic agriculture.
The Probelte laboratories are certified in GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) by the ENAC accreditation institution. This is the first private company to receive GLP certification to conduct studies on phytosanitary products in the area of testing​physical-chemical characterization, waste in the field and in the laboratory, and analytical chemistry. This means that the results obtained from studies carried out by these laboratories can be used in any official organizations inside or outside of Spain.
Its products carry the Spain Brand to more than 50 countries where they are currently marketing their products. Although they already have facilities all around the world, their thirst for international expansion and worldwide prestige is pushing them to open up new markets.