Pomegranates from Elche, a unique variety with Designation of Origin

The Protected Designation of Origin of the Mollar de Elche Pomegranate will once again be present at the fair at an ideal time for the product as Fruit Attraction coincides with the start of the Elche pomegranate season

This variety of pomegranate, recognised as one of the best in the world, will have a space at the fair (Hall 6, 6D01) within the grouped participation organised by Alicante Provincial Council.

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the Mollar de Elche pomegranate will offer visitors to the fair the possibility of discovering the flavour and characteristics that identify the Mollar de Elche pomegranate, which is recognised with a PDO quality seal. Product tastings will be offered where visitors to the fair can verify that the pomegranates from Elche are sweet, with soft, practically imperceptible and edible seeds. Its exterior colour is special and different from all other varieties as the colour of the Mollar de Elche pomegranate is a caprice of nature, ranging from cream to intense red depending on the exposure the fruit has had on the tree. While the pomegranates may be less red on the outside, the seeds inside are red and full of flavour.

The pomegranate season in Elche begins at the end of September and continues until January or February. The Denomination of Origin for the pomegranate covers 40 municipalities in three regions of southern Alicante and is one of the star products of the area. This territory, whose soil and climate are ideal for cultivation, accounts for over 75% of national pomegranate production and is known as Europe’s land of pomegranates because it is Europe’s main producer.

Each season, more than 50,000 tonnes are collected from the 3,000 hectares devoted to the pomegranate in the area. Of all these, the pomegranates of the Mollar de Elche variety in the extra and first category registered with the Regulatory Council are marketed with the Protected Designation of Origin quality seal. More than 600 farmers hold the Denomination of Origin and together with the marketers are the driving force behind the Mollar de Elche pomegranate. Pomegranates have been cultivated in the area for several centuries, so the farmers and traders have experience and great know-how in bringing the best pomegranates to the market.

Stand 6D01, Hall 6

More information in www.granadaselche.com