ORGAVITA XXI officially presents Orgaprod at Fruit Attraction

Orgavita XXI S.L. is once again taking part at Fruit Attraction and is making the most of its opportunity with the presentation of the creation of its bio production company, Orgaprod XXI S.L.

Orgaprod XXI S.L. grows produce on 50 hectares that is going to be aimed at producing typical products from the market gardens of Murcia. Its portfolio of export products includes: Iceberg lettuce, Romaine lettuce, Little gem lettuce, Lollo rosso lettuce, Crispy cabbage and Celery. The greatest product volume will be focused on celery growing, the latter starting in November and running to June, while the growing of leaf products will begin on the same dates and finish in the middle of April. The farms are located in the area of ​​Fuente Álamo and have the ideal soil and climate conditions for growing the aforementioned products.

Further to its own production, Orgavita XXI S.L. will also continue with the export of other bio products such as; brassicas, cabbages, citrus fruits, stone fruit and others. The close and lasting relationship that they have with farmers from different areas of the country gives them the ability to supply products throughout the growing season without their amounts being affected.

One of the premises of Orgavita XXI S.L. for this fair is the possibility of looking to new crops that adapt to the climatic and ecological conditions of their farms. ORGAVITA XXI SL has come with an open mind in order to listen to new proposals from customers who have products that are not currently exploited. The recovery of organic elephant garlic in the area and the growing of okra bio would make up part of these new projects.

Orgavita XXI S.L. considers its participation at this year’s fair to be a great opportunity to continue growing in the national market while keeping up its expansion in Europe. The lack of distinction made between small and large customers has allowed the company to develop a logistics plan capable of handling mixed pallets with a wide variety of products. Fitting out the warehouse, increasing the size of its chambers, expanding various crops and controlling transport has allowed Orgavita XXI S.L. to become a benchmark in the national and international market.

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