ORC, the Orri Mandarin Running Committee, will be at Fruit Attraction

ORC is a non-profit association made up of authorised growers of the Orri mandarin.  Its social purpose is based on three fundamental pillars: the control, defence and promotion of the Orri variety. ORC will be back for the 2018 edition of Fruit Attraction

As part of its control objective, ORC monitors compliance with the restriction on the number of authorised plants per breeder, as the Orri mandarin is a protected variety with limited production. To do this, ORC has developed several technology tools such as an app (Orri App) to detect illegal plots, specific molecular markers and a geoportal (OrriGis) where all of the information available on the variety’s management system is stored and made available to users.

As part of its commitment to defence, Orri offers the exclusive master licensee of the Orri variety, The Enforcement Organization, S.L., the filing of legal actions licensees that have not complied with the commitments of the breeder and against all those that use the variety without authorisation, while at the same time offsetting the costs of these legal actions. Thanks to these efforts, a total of 40,000 illegal Orri mandarin plants have been destroyed in Spain, corresponding to 80 hectares. This year, ORC has begun a new campaign aimed at monitoring points of sale, which has led it to propose to the master licensee of the Orri variety the filing of 21 legal actions, 18 as a result of actions in central distribution markets and 3 at large-scale distribution points of sale.

Moreover, ORC has conducted online promotion activities in four European countries (Spain, France, Germany and the UK) reaching a potential audience of more than one and a half million, as well as promoting its activities in more than 280 press publications.

The combination of these activities conducted by ORC, which together make up the innovating management system for the protected Orri mandarin, have managed to obtain high returns for its growers, showing that it is an excellent way to improve and guarantee profitability.

With regard to the characteristics of the Orri mandarin which define it as a premium variety are its easy-peel nature, its low seed content and optimum organoleptic qualities resulting from a perfectly balance of acidity and high sugar content, giving it a distinctive sweet taste. It also has a very resistant vibrant orange skin which means it keeps well both on the tree and post-harvest and post-sale, with a long harvest period which runs from January to May in the northern hemisphere.

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