AGQ Labs presents original items for the food industry

At Agronomía,  AGQ Labs will present a number of original items for the food industry at Fruit Attraction 2018. First of all, its exclusive crop monitoring and nutrition control system, an internally developed, patented system, which ensures that water and fertilizer inputs are adjusted to the real demands of the plant. Another innovative precision-agriculture tool that AGQ Labs will present at Fruit Attraction 2018 are the GIS and NDVI nutritional maps.

These maps use satellite technology, and with them, diagnostic maps of nutrient distribution and evolution in the soil, and in the plant, can be obtained throughout the cultivation cycle. Furthermore,  AGQ Labs are experts in analytical services for agronomy, agricultural chemistry, advice to farmers, evaluation and re-use of effluents and organic farming.

AGQ Labs is a chemistry technology centre with over 20 years’ experience in advanced laboratory tests, food safety and quality, advice to farmers, specialised engineering and environmental management. It is a multinational present in over 20 countries, which offers scientific, affordable and sustainable solutions in the agri-food, environmental and industrial sectors. AGQ Labs offers its customers comprehensive services thanks to its international network of accredited laboratories and technology centres in Spain, the United States, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, as well as technical, sales and logistics branches in another twelve countries.

AGQ Labs works with leading companies and institutions worldwide to guarantee quality and safety, maximise productivity, reduce costs, boost operating efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

In the Food field, AGQ Labs has the most advanced technology and wide international accreditation to carry out analyses related to both, food quality and safety. Producers and exporters, processing companies, foodservice companies, distribution chains and stakeholders form the entire food industry chain, entrust ACQ Labs with the control of their products, processes and suppliers.

AGQ Labs is an international ally for control at origin and destination of all types of food products with a comprehensive range of analytical services, food consultancy services, control of suppliers, export support and R+D+i for agri-food companies.

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