Novedades Agrícolas SA revamps its corporate identity and unifies the group's image

NOVAGRIC (Novedades Agrícolas, SA) is a company with 40 years of history and experience in the agricultural supply sector. Created in 1978, it has steadily been increasing its activities and brands as well as the countries it operates in, to become a diversified global company

The launch of this new identity is adapted to this transformation, and commemorates the 40th anniversary of the company and the opening of new facilities to manufacture and development new technologies (APR greenhouses, irrigation systems, fertigation, automation, climate control, water treatment, etc.).

Novedades Agrícolas SA will now present itself to clients, markets and society in general as Novagric. This new identity allows us to build a unified and simple visual universe that adds strength, enhances the group’s value and gives us excellent opportunities for growth.

This new image maintains the blue colour and inclination inherited from the origins of a company that went from installing drip irrigation systems to becoming a leading national group in high-tech agricultural services and infrastructure.

We tie this concept to the main value of the brand: Generating solutions to achieve high performance agriculture. To create the new image, we were inspired by the traditional “drop” from the old design and by the different stages in the development of a plant, both in open and protected fields. The new design represents growth and productivity, reflecting the group’s multidisciplinary spirit.

This change represents a step forward in the company’s international strategy. Today, Novagric (Novedades Agrícolas, SA) is a global company that delivers turnkey projects around the world and obtains around 50% of its income outside Spain.

Its new corporate identity aims to support and accompany this strategy, using the Novagric brand as a commercial abbreviation for Novedades Agrícolas SA, to be perceived in a simpler and more global way by everyone.

The company’s main aim is to develop a new innovative, productive and sustainable agriculture, which we call “smart agriculture”. We are seen as a benchmark in the infrastructure sector due to our commitment to productivity, sustainability and innovation. This is our inheritance: Developing technologies that generate value to create a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Novagric also has the knowledge, experience and technologies to develop high-quality smart infrastructure projects, certified under the ISO 9001 standard, which satisfy customers, benefit society and make us grow together.

This change of image is part of the company’s 2017-2020 strategic plan in which the company will continue with the gradual implementation of its new corporate identity.

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