NOVAFRUT, the leader in protection netting

Nova Fruticultura, SL. is known as Novafrut, its registered trademark. With more than 15 years of experience in protection netting equipment, they initially specialised in fruit growing but now also work in other areas, such as farms, industries, businesses and public spaces. Where there are structures with netting, Novafrut is there.

 Its trump card is constant innovation, to produce durable, effective equipment that requires a minimum of annual maintenance. This is achieved with a very technical team, the use of precision GPS technology, and material testing.

 The most common equipment that Novafrut® installs throughout Spain is:

anti-hail, anti-rain, trellises, climatic systems for orchard and ornamental gardens, anti-bird, sports netting, windbreaks, reflective fabrics and everything else related to netting.

Its equipment is adapted to the most demanding requirements of each area: strong winds, severe hail, high temperatures, rocky or sandy soils, etc.


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