NAVARRA returns to Fruit Attraction with more companies and unique products

Navarra will be present once again at Fruit Attraction. Under the slogan: “The best of us, the best of Navarra / Dugun Hoberena, Nafarroako Hoberena”. Ten companies from Navarra will attend, three more than last year.

These are SAT Huerta de Peralta, that produces vegetables under protected cultivation and ready-to-eat vegetables and salads; Grupo Agorreta, producers of Tudela artichokes and onions; Frutas y Verduras Castel Ruíz, with extensive experience in the production and distribution of a wide range of agricultural products, whose star is the Tudela artichoke; Endinava, that cultivates endives hydroponically and grows lettuce in water pools, a product that is marketed with its roots; Cooperativa San Isidro Fustiñana, a leader in the production and export of broccoli, romesco cauliflower and artichoke from Tudela, among others; Frutas y Hortalizas de Fontellas, specialised in the cultivation, production and marketing of fruits and vegetables; Sola Onions, dedicated to the production, handling and sale of onions, both for the domestic market and for export; Vehortu, a company from Tudela which markets vegetables from the area (artichokes, red thistle, borage, etc.) in the fresh cut range; Brotalia/Foddy’s, a recently created company dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of food and sprouted seeds; and Appina, an association created by farmers dedicated to the cultivation of organic potatoes in the Pyrenean valleys of Aezkoa and Salazar.

The stand, managed by the Navarrese Institute of Agrifood Technologies and Infrastructures (INTIA in Spanish), will also feature the three designations of plant origin of the region: Asparagus from Navarra, Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa and Artichoke from Tudela.

During the three days of the Exhibition, the chef and nutritionist Juan Carlos Fernández, owner of “El Txoko de Juan Carlos”, will be at the Navarra stand, showcasing cuisine that uses the Navarra vegetable garden.

Three new companies

Navarra will be attending this edition with three more companies, all of them recently created and with unique products. They are:

  • Vehortu, born from the fusion of a renowned chef and owner of a restaurant that combines creative cuisine with the typical dishes of the area, and an important business group that sells vegetables from the Tudela area both nationally and internationally. Recently it has received one of 7 awards that are granted in Salon Gourmets in the “New Products” category for clean lettuce hearts that are vacuum-packed and pasteurized to improve their conservation and shelf life.


  • Appina, an organisation made up of partner farmers (all organic producers) who grow potatoes in the Aezkoa and Salazar valleys, where agro-climatic conditions favour the production of certified seed potatoes and quality eating potatoes. It is a non-profit association that acts as a certification body for seed potatoes and manages the marketing of both seed and eating potatoes.


  • And Brotalia/Foody’s, producers and marketers of sprouts (alfalfa, mung beans, amaranth, broccoli and others) and microgreens (pink radish, onion, leek, beet, mustard, among others)