Moldeados Plásticos Alber will take part in the tenth edition of Fruit Attraction

Moldeados Plásticos Alber, a company that produces industrial components and items for horticulture, nurseries and cut flowers, will showcase its range of products for the horticulture and ornamental plant sector at Fruit Attraction 2018 for the first time. It will be showcasing some interesting innovations for growing fruits and berries.

Among the products that visitors will find on the company’s stand are CVX containers, which offer great stability and drainage and are suitable for outdoor growing in extreme climates and ultra-resistant to the sun and freezing conditions, as well as an innovative component for indoor use called a DRAIN GRILL, which is the sum of three drainage systems. It has a grill at the bottom, the bottom is raised by several levels, and it also has side drainage, with the advantages of all three; maximum aeration, substrate isolated from the floor and quick drainage of excess water. Ideal for berry growers.

The CH range of containers is specifically designed for growing fruits and trees. Suitable for outdoor use, with a raised star bottom and lateral drainage, it’s the perfect choice for transporting stacked plants.

The BTC 24×9 tray is another excellent product. Extremely durable and tough, the tray is stable and holds plants while offering significant cost savings on handling. These square pots are compatible with the high grid trays, and are perfect for growing olive trees among other things.