MERCOVASA, for the third consecutive year, will once again be present at Fruit Attraction

MERCOVASA is a Wholesale Market for Fruit and Vegetables located in the tourist municipality of El Puig de Santa María, 15 km north of the city of Valencia. It supplies retailers in the surroundings areas and distributors of fruit and vegetables of many regions of Spain and abroad, due to the large amount and variety of products that are sold in this market.

This market was founded in 1983. It has an area of 90,000m² and is distributed in 87 stalls, also offering other services such as tira de contar (farmer’s market), colla (collective), restaurants, banks, transportation, advice and changing rooms.

It is a comfortable and operational market, with docks 7 metres wide that allow rapid loading and unloading of merchandise, and total protection thanks to the 11 metre-high marquee. MERCOVASA has a broad daytime commercial schedule, as on Mondays it also opens in early hours, thus giving more supply coverage to its customers. Irrespective of whether the market operates 24 hours a day, in order to be able to stock up on all the necessary fresh products, for later distribution and sale.

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