Melones Villaconejos, a company known throughout Spain and abroad for its melon cultivation

Melones Villaconejos is a family business founded in 2002 in Villaconejos, a Madrid municipality highly reputed throughout Spain and abroad for melon cultivation.

The company is dedicated to the cultivation, selection, handling, packaging and labelling of horticultural products for marketing and sale. Mainly melon. Its brand is Melón El Copón de Villaconejos, due to their knowledge of this product that is grown in partnership with a number of farmers throughout Spain including Almería, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha and Villaconejos.

The company is also present in several countries such as Brazil, Senegal and Colombia, supplying seeds, contributing its experience in the cultivation and harvesting of melons. Production in all these areas means the company can supply melons all year round.

Having farmers as partners makes it easier for the company to carry out very exhaustive quality control on the crop, seeds, plant health and harvesting.

All the melons received in their facilities for cleaning, selection, packaging and packing by weight and size have a guaranteed brix degree. And a traceability control.

Four years ago the company began marketing fruit and fresh cut products in order to offer their customers convenience, time saving and a different presentation. Their products “par excellence” are melon varieties Piel de Sapo, Cantalupo and Galia. The company also works with pineapple, watermelon and papaya. Packaging is in transparent tubs with a fork inside that makes it easy to eat anywhere and at any time of the day in a very hygienic and convenient way. These are sweet and refreshing natural products that are colourful and “ball-shaped”, making them highly attractive for children.

The company also prepares all its fruit vacuum-packed in halves.

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