MC BIOFERTILIZANTES, research, development and marketing of agricultural nutrients

MC Biofertilizantes has been a leading company in the research, development and marketing of agricultural nutrients for 45 years. It belongs to the leading European consortium of producers of amino acids and biostimulants and organic bioactivators.

It is the parent company of MC Nature Group, dedicated to the world of agriculture in a broad sense. It also comprises MC BIODRONE, the precision agriculture division; MC OLIVO, intensive and superintensive olive and almond plantations; MC VIVEROS, urban planning and landscaping projects and works, olive and almond tree seedlings; MC BIO Garden Turf & Ornamental, products for professional gardening and sports fields; and MC BIO Garden and Organic Garden, designed for organic home gardening. 

MC Nature Shop is the trading name of MC Nature Franchises.  Its intention at the next edition of Fruit Attraction 2018 is to present its franchise MC Nature Shop , the first franchise dedicated to the agricultural sector. The franchised establishment offers the full range of products and services of MC Nature Group to farmers, with the constant support of a team of highly qualified professionals.