Masiá Ciscar exclusively grows Chilean raspberries

Masiá Ciscar has obtained the permit to grow exclusively three new varieties of raspberry developed by the genetic improvement programme at the Chilean Fruit Technology Consortium, in cooperation with the Agricultural Science and Forest Engineering Department at the Chilean Catholic University.

This agreement allows them to work with three new varieties named Santa Teresa, Santa Catalina, and Santa Clara. This is a great opportunity to multiply, propagate and sell these new Chilean raspberry seeds throughout the year in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


Masiá Ciscar is a company specialised in producing and marketing a wide range of fruit, such as: strawberries, oranges, berries, and a variety of stone fruit. They have more than 35 years’ experience in the food and agriculture industry, characterised throughout their history by their firm commitment to innovation and extending their product catalogue. Over the last year, this company has started on a new path in the market of lime distribution at the national level.


All their efforts converge on a single goal: achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Food safety is one of the main pillars on which they focus their efforts. Their fruit undergoes exhaustive analysis and control to ensure its sensory and nutritional properties 100%. Their top priority is to ensure the fruit’s freshness from farm to table. Today, Masiá Ciscar’s marketing network extends to countries like Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Poland, among others, a clear leader inside and outside Spain.