MAS Patatas comes back to FRUIT ATTRACTION with all of its products

MAS Patatas is coming back to FRUIT ATTRACTION with all of its products. MAS Patatas is committed to quality potatoes and organic farming.  Its next objective is centred on the Carne Firme potato, which offers excellent culinary quality which wins over clients. Another of its aims is to increase sales of its Organic Potato in Spain and the rest of Europe. The company is committed to increasing the varieties it grows and offering better products and services to its customers day by day.

It also aims to break ground with new varieties for both the Spanish and export markets. The Spanish consumer has been familiar with their Carne Firme potatoes, the tastiest on the market, for some years now.  The market is in constant growth and represents a greater share of consumers, who value the product for its culinary quality and taste.

It also produces Organic Potatoes in the Campo de Cartagena area, an ideal spot for this type of production due to its well-suited soil and temperatures. This location allows them to offer Organic New Potatoes at times when this type of product is scarce on the market. The product is recognised for its trademark, which certifies it as organic. The company’s aims to help create a healthier, more natural future where quality work takes precedence.

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