LOCATEC will exhibit its Apps for Farmers, Warehouses and Phytosanitary Distributors at Fruit Attraction

LOCATEC is a company dedicated to the development of applications for the agricultural sector. It has a complete suite of web apps designed to:

Producers or Farmers:

  • AgroGEST, developed for the comprehensive management of the entire agricultural operation of one or multiple farms. It allows you to generate a Field Notebook with just 1 click as it is integrated with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries in real time. It can be used without an internet connection, it allows you to view farms using interactive maps based on the Ministry’s SIGPAC system, control all costs, define treatments using phytosanitary products, control irrigation meters, records and work reports, manage stock of phytosanitary products and fertilisers, define tasks (pruning, thinning, etc.) and consult sales performance.

Horticultural Warehouses:

  • ParcelGEST, which allows traders to generate contracts for fruit purchases in situ for horticultural warehouses. In addition, it allows you to generate a Field Notebook and the seller can sign the contract on the tablet. It also allows you to manage the teams that come to collect the purchased fruit, with directions using geolocation data to the location of the farm where they have to go, replacing picking reports.

Phytosanitary Product Distributors and Advisors:

  • FitosGEST, focused on phytosanitary advice for crops. It allows you to generate a Field Notebook with just 1 click as it is integrated with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries in real time, with alerts on prohibited doses or expired products. In addition, when making visits to clients’ farms, it allows you to enter all the information using simple buttons, storing the information in the database, completely eliminating the use of paper (and then transferring it all to Excel), as well as letting you take videos or pictures of the pest situation. In addition, it allows you to manage periodic visits to the clientsaccording to the crop. It has a complete and powerful compendium of phytosanitary products with infinite search and filter options.

By using any of these apps:

  • the use of paper, notebooks, handwritten notes is eliminated, and there will be no need to save or store these documents.
  • administrative duplications are avoided (e.g. when transferring notes from a notebook to Excel), which saves time.
  • access to backup copies stored in the cloud, so you always have all the information saved, even if your device is broken or stolen.
  • minimises risks when submitting important documents such as the Field Notebook, avoiding errors when defining doses or using expired products.
  • all the info available on any device: mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, etc. All the info on your farms to hand at all times.
  • you can use the apps even if you have no internet connection in the middle of the farm: the info is stored and as soon as the connection is restored, it sends the data automatically.
  • you will be able to consult all the Official Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Product Sheets from any date thanks to our daily copies.

LOCATEC will present these apps at the Smart Agro Forum on Thursday 25 October at 11:30 am, and invites all farmers, horticultural warehouses and agricultural technical advisors to come and find out more about their platforms.

This will be LOCATEC’s first time at Fruit Attraction, an international trade fair for the fruit and vegetables sector, which will hold its tenth edition at IFEMA, Madrid from 23 to 25 October. You will be able to find out more about these applications at stand 7B10K of the Smart Agro technology section.