KNAUF INDUSTRIES, firm specialising in packaging production, will be present at FRUIT ATTRACTION

Knauf Industries, multinational firm specialised in the design and production of packaging in alveolar resins, like EPS and EPP, will be present at FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018, where it had already participated in the previous edition with great success among those attending.

On its FRUIT ATTRACTION stand, the company will provide a viewing experience for its products through augmented reality, so that visitors can interact with the products in real time and in 3D. Furthermore it will also be possible to take a virtual 360º tour of one of the group’s factories and be shown the manufacturing process, in order to get a closer look at the company’s solutions and products in a more tangible, interactive and visual way.

Knauf Industries currently has solutions for the agri-foods sector in both fresh and processed products (IV and V range, ready-made dishes, etc.). It also makes specific products for e-commerce, such as isothermal packaging that keep food fresh. For this, it uses EPS, airpop or white cork packaging, especially recommended for the packaging of fresh products that require a stable temperature along the entire length of the value chain, and returnable packaging manufactured in EPP.

Its benefit, compared to other materials, is clear, as it is formed by 98% air, giving it exceptional insulating properties, which in some cases considerably improve foods’ quality and freshness.

Not to mention its personalised advice based on the study of your product, its design and the provision of a TAILORED graphic design of the packaging’s SLEEVES.

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