The Kimitec Group and its commitment to natural biotechnology in agriculture

The Kimitec Group, a Spanish multinational biotechnology business group, will participate in the 10th edition of Fruit Attraction. This will be the sixth time that the Kimitec Group will participate in this international fair, offering its entire team of professionals at Stand 7D13 in Hall 7

The Kimitec Group has a unique focus, natural biotechnology, and will take advantage of this new edition of the fair to publicise its projects and products in the ​​agricultural area along with two of its companies in the sector: Kimitec Agro, specialising in specific nutrition, and Agrocode, focusing on biopesticides and products for crop nutrition through probiotics and prebiotics.

Against the backdrop of Fruit Attraction, the Kimitec Group will also hold the 4Health Summit on Wednesday, 24th October at the Hotel Nuevo Madrid. Various topics will be discussed, such as using microalgae as biopesticides in the future agricultural industry or the use of probiotics for smart agriculture. The presentations will be made by the following professionals: Dr. Sandra Macías, Dr. Rafael Rivilla, Dr. Dorinde M.M. Kleinegris, Dr. Alejandro Fernández and Dr. Efrén Remesal.

To conclude, the 4Health Summit will close the first presentation with the 3D presentation of the R+D+i Centre of the Kimitec Group, the largest research centre on biopesticides and prebiotics in agriculture in Europe. The centre recreates a technological-cultural experience for its visitors, which is developed from three approaches: technological, architectural and artistic.

First, our Director of Corporate R+D+i, Carlos Carricajo, will present the new technologies that will be implemented in the Research Centre. The architect David Moreno Rangel will transmit his vision of an architecture for life, showing his proposal for the more than 4,500m2 of space which the centre will have. And the multimedia artist Necko who, among other art projects, paid tribute to Ángel Nieto with a large mural, will carry out a demonstration of the entire transmedia project he will incorporate into the centre, including music based on DNA and 3D animations.

About the Kimitec Group

The Kimitec Group broke the established limits of biotechnology in 2007. Our group of companies works to offer natural and innovative solutions in agriculture, livestock and human consumption, reformulating the present and establishing the foundations for a healthier and better diet in the future. Our axis of growth is innovation, led by our research centre that revolutionises biotechnology through the synergy of four natural areas: botany, microalgae, microbiology and green chemistry.
The Kimitec Group markets its products in more than 90 countries with a commitment to adapt to any challenge raised by our customers and a team dedicated to creating effective solutions and a healthier and more sustainable diet.

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