JCARRION, provider of global solutions for transport specialists

JCARRION combines global customer service within the field of transport with refrigerated logistics, specialising in fruit and vegetables (more than 1,000,000 tons transported in 2017). Operations involving one pallet to a complete truck can be carried out, thereby adapting them to the load needs of each client.

They are currently developing a multi-collection model at the different European production sites, from the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, the South of France, the Netherlands and even Morocco, to consolidate at source within their different logistics hubs and offering the possibility of carrying out quality control prior to shipment. This means the produce reaches the centres of consumption in central and northern Europe with an optimal transit time, through quick or express (non-stop) trips.

Director of Operations José Sánchez emphasizes care and attention to the product, which is reflected in the investment made in technology and refrigerated facilities over recent years, to guarantee the cold chain, its traceability and the freshness of the product. If we take into account that a fresh product has a useful life from being picked in the field to its consume-by date (due to deterioration) of about 10-12 days. Therefore, reducing the number of days that the product is in transit as well as applying the maximum care during transport can have a very large economic impact on our client.