HYDRO FERT is a dynamic manufacturing company for the production and sale of fertilizers.

Hydro Fert is a dynamic manufacturing company for the production and sale of fertilizers. Established in 2002, Hydro Fert directly produces its specialty liquid and powder fertilizers. With the support of a young and efficient staff, our company is ready to fulfil the requirements of the customers, rendering technical assistance and supplying the necessary know-how for the most varied fertilizing needs of cultivation.

Our R&D Department is involved in a constant activity of implementation and update of products set. As a result of this purpose, Hydro Fert has developed the trademark RS Technology that ensures a quality approach, customer focus, high technology and top-quality production. The foundations of this method are: a conscious selection of the best raw materials, many field trials and accurate analyses, provided by accredited labs.

Only after all these steps, the production can start in line with the highest quality standards. The innovative manufacturing process behind RS Technology is based on the reduction in size of the particles in suspension and the consequent improvement of the fertilizers affinity with the plant. As a matter of fact, the fertilizers with RS Technology trademark are the result of some strict quality controls that guarantee the high tech value of the products.

Hydro Fert supports the idea of a responsible fertilizing process, following the guidelines from the IUCN, UNEP and WWF: “Sustainable development represents an improvement in the quality of life, without exceeding the carrying capacity of the supporting ecosystems it depends on”. Such an eco-centric vision of sustainability can be considered the foundation of our vision, as a result of this our main objective is to operate willing to grow and develop “in harmony with nature”, and – at the same time – satisfying customer needs.

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