Hinojosa will promote its most sustainable packaging solutions at Fruit Attraction 2018

Hinojosa Packaging Solutions will come to Fruit Attraction 2018 with its most sustainable solutions for the agricultural sector: 100% recyclable, energy-responsible packaging that improves food preservation. An offer with which it meets consumers’ growing environmental awareness.

Therefore, consumers’ concern about sustainability includes the packaging that contains the products they purchase for their tables. As a result, their traceability, the materials they are made with, the possibility of being reused or recycled, and whether they are energy-efficient are factors that are increasingly valued by Hinojosa’s customers as they will influence the purchasing decision of the end consumer.

Specifically, the wide portfolio of cardboards and plastic cardboards Hinojosa will bring to this event includes: the s33 box, a tray with a conical structure that enables air to get in and out, and prevents it from condensing; the Airfruit system, patented by Hinojosa, and which, thanks to its octagonal shape structural design, improves the efficiency of the cold storage process; and Freshbox, the package made in 100% recyclable and reusable polypropylene. All these packaging solutions, as well as being recyclable or reusable, are energy-efficient, as they significantly improve the product’s cooling in cold storage.

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