7th consecutive participation of HAIFA in Fruit Attraction

Haifa Iberia will attend Fruit Attraction for the seventh consecutive time with the same objective as always, which is none other than to accompany the fruit and vegetable producing companies in their desire to improve the quality of their crops and facilitate their commercialization. To help agricultural professionals improve quality and obtain high yields, Haifa offers innovative plant nutrition programmes, using highly efficient application methods and offering balanced nutrition with accurate dosage, composition and location.

The application systems on which Haifa’s fertilization programmes are based are the most efficient that exist and include Nutrigation, foliar fertilization and the use of controlled-release fertilizers. Nutrigation ™ (fertigation) consists of the supply of pure nutrients to the plant through the irrigation system, offering them the essential nutrients precisely in the area of ​​greatest root activity. When Nutrigation is not possible, Haifa´s fertilization programmes are based on the use of controlled-release fertilizers that provide balanced nutrition to plants according to their needs with a single application per crop cycle, improving plant growth and nutrient use, saving labour and minimising environmental impact. Both application systems are completed with the use of foliar fertilization at specific times, offering plants fast and immediate supplementary nutrition at a given time to ensure high yields and the best quality, and is an ideal method of nutrition when growth conditions are limited by an inefficient absorption of soil nutrients.

Haifa’s fertilization programmes are based on the use of special fertilizers that Haifa manufactures and commercializes, such as the complete range of water-soluble fertilizers for Nutrigation ™ and foliar application, our main product being Multi-K ™ (potassium nitrate of the highest quality) and the range of controlled release fertilizers based on Haifa’s MulticoTech polymer coating technology.

In addition, in Haifa they are convinced that the exchange of knowledge in the agricultural world helps the fruit and vegetable producing companies to extract the maximum benefits from their crops.

For this reason Haifa has proposed to make available to all, a series of online tools to share their knowledge in the “nutrition of plants”.  This knowledge has been accumulated during more than five decades of work in the area of ​​fertilization, making us a leading company in the segment of special fertilizers.

Haifa’s online tools to share knowledge include:

  • Website www.haifa-group.com
    • Haifa U online. It contains hundreds of informative articles: cultivation guides, recommendations, test results, articles and expert software, easily accessible.
    • Online community An open community of users that allows the exchange of knowledge in our sector
  • Social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google +)
  • Smartphone apps available on Google Play and iTube
    • FloraMatch ™ : Helps farmers plan nutrition with Multicote ™ controlled release fertilizers.
    • FertiMatch ™: Helps farmers in the calculation of fertigation.
    • FoliMatch ™ : Helps farmers with the nutritional recommendations and with the necessary calculations for foliar nutrition.
    • Multifeed ™ App : calculates the concentration of each of the nutrients that we contribute to our crops (mmo /l) with the increase in conductivity that occurs, based on known data such as the richness of the fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer we dissolve and the injection percentage.

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José Manuel Fontanilla Puerto | Marketing Manager | Haifa Iberia

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