HaciendasBio displays its full potential at Fruit Attraction 2018

HaciendasBio, the leading producer of organic fruit and vegetables in Spain and leader in the export of these products to Europe, will be present once again at Fruit Attraction with its 68 fruit and vegetable products.

The company reached a production of 20,000 tonnes in 2017 thanks to the 2,100 cultivable hectares that it has distributed across 35 farms throughout Spain.

This year, the company expects to increase its production of stone fruit by 30% thanks to the enlargement of new farms and the development of new varieties such as the yellow plum. This improves the existing quality and completes the calendar.

Likewise, HaciendasBio will give a boost to the arra club varieties of table grape, with the intention of marketing around 1,000 tonnes next season. For the first time, the company will exhibit leaf vegetables (lettuce, celery and leek) produced at a new farm that has come into operation in 2018, as well as apricot, persimmon, pomegranate and cherry, which in its first season yielded 145 tonnes.

The company is immersed in a phase of experimentation and new product development, for launches in upcoming seasons.

More information in www.haciendasbio.com