Grupo Cajamar is the only financial institution that has been present at Fruit Attraction since it began in 2008

Year after year it has been increasing the scope of its activities at this Trade Fair, supporting Spanish fruit and vegetable companies in promoting and developing the internationalisation of the sector.

Fruit Attraction, the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, celebrates its tenth birthday this year and Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, the leading financial institution of the Spanish agrifoods sector, will be supporting the event once again.

Cajamar was the first financial institution to support this show, and year after year it has increased its presence at the Fair, showing its support of Spanish fruit and vegetable companies in promoting and developing the internationalisation of the sector.

At this tenth edition, Grupo Cajamar will focus its activities on Fruit Attraction, which will be the hub where its top representatives, managers and technicians will engage in their activity during the fair. Once again this year the President of Cajamar, Eduardo Baamonde, the Vice President, José Luis Heredia, and the CEO, Francisco González, will all be there, along with the regional managers and agrifoods business managers in Andalusia, Murcia, Community of Valencia, Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Navarre and the Canary Islands, to support during the Fair, as it does year round, the companies, cooperatives and organisations Grupo Cajamar normally finances and advises, facilitating new channels for their business, diversification and expansion.

ADN Agro Cajamar Awards, partnership agreements and business meetings in streaming.

This year 2018 will welcome the fourth edition of the ADN Agro Cajamar awards, which will reward those persons and entities that favour the promotion, modernisation and innovation of the Spanish agrifoods sector.

Furthermore, as is becoming customary, coinciding with Fruit Attraction new agreements will be signed with business associations and companies from the agrifoods sector to provide them with financial solutions under preferential conditions to undertake new projects and investments, meet their payment commitments, favour their internationalisation, and help them with the management of state grants and insurance.

Lastly, another of the outstanding initiatives of the last few years, which will once again feature at the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar stand, will be the holding of business and trade meetings that will be live-streamed on social media in which the directors and managers of fruit and vegetable companies will present their proposals and talk about their concerns on key agrifoods sector issues.