The Armando Álvarez Group, a family company with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plastics for agricultural and industrial use, marketing its products in more than 115 countries, will be present at the upcoming Fruit Attraction 2018.

The production requirements of an increasingly modern and technology-dependent form of agriculture has meant that the Group has adapted its range of products to provide a comprehensive solution “from field to table”. The Armando Alvarez Group’s technological expertise ranges from the soil treatment and production phase to the post-harvest, collection and distribution phase.

What products does it offer?
Greenhouse and macro tunnel plastics.
-Plastics for chemical disinfection, padding and mini tunnels.
Biodegradable training string.
-Storage, distribution and conduction of water for irrigation.
-Bags and containers to extend the life of food through their ethylene barrier and ethylene absorbent properties.

New developments
The Armando Alvarez Group presents its reyfresh ® range, active packaging for the conservation of fruit and vegetables. These products allow fresh food to be transported to increasingly distant destinations. They also increase the life expectancy of the product under better conditions until they reach the final consumer. Range of products specially designed for climacteric fruits and vegetables.
Polypropylene container adapted to refrigerators
Range of polypropylene and EVOH multilayer barrier packaging that protects packaged products from oxygen ingress and thus offers a greater life expectancy at room temperature.
The packaging has the capacity to withstand high temperatures in the filling, sterilisation and pasteurisation processes and is lighter and safer than glass or tin, is an easy size to store and is adapted to refrigerator doors. This material is 100% recyclable.