GENERAL PLASTICS, a European leader in tying systems for vineyards and orchards

General Plastics has been the leading European producer of tying systems for vineyards and orchards since 1952. Its trademark TIEFIX is very popular with European wine growers.

They manufacture a wide range of ties, from manual to automatic, elastic and 100% biodegradable. In fact, they are recognised as EXPERTS and leaders in the European market in this sector. Its team has successfully established long-lasting business partnerships with some of the largest distributors within our operational field. Its headquarters and factories are located in Rome, Italy, but they have representatives throughout Europe and all over the world.


TIEFIX differs from all other tying systems on the European market due to:
o The fastest tying solutions on the market, o Special care with environmental and biodegradability aspects, o The lowest tying costs by hectare on the market, o The best solutions for both manual and mechanical applications, o Its undisputed leadership in the European, Italian and French markets.


Here are its main products:

TIEFIX ROLLS AND TIEFIX HD TYER – TIEFIX rolls of 250 or 500m: for continuous, uninterrupted dispensing and a significant reduction in tying time. Its lightweight and practical TIEFIX HD tyer: ideal to use with our TIEFIX rolls for a fast and cost-effective application AND … they have just launched the new version of the TIEFIX HD Tyer: even more secure and resistant than the previous version, it executes 3 complete twists instead of 2, ensuring the greatest resistance of the tie.


BANDOFIX Elastic ties available in 6 different sizes for every need.


AGRIFLEX Extra quality PVC elastic tie characterized by the highest purity (high concentration of PVC), high level of softness, unparalleled elasticity, and high durability and resistance. The chemical composition and wall thicknesses of our Agriflex ties have been carefully optimized to combine resistance with elasticity (after stretching, relatively low deformation takes place) … and last, but not least, modern conditioning technology, with precise cross winding.


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