FUNGIMÉNEZ will be present at Fruit Attraction

SAT 636.CV.GIMECHAMP, under the trade name FUNGIMÉNEZ, is the only Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organisation (FVPO Nº 1110) in the Autonomous Community of Valencia that cultivates mushrooms and other edible fungi.

Its cultivation system, which is innovative and pioneering in this Autonomous Community, is based on third‑phase cultivation, which, because it reaches the installations already germinated, cuts down the production time.

In Utiel (Valencia) FUNGIMÉNEZ has modern facilities of 12,550 m2, equipped with the latest Dutch technology. In addition to 40 rooms of 410 m2 for cultivation, there is a rapid cooling tunnel which prevents the mushrooms from losing weight, quality or their fresh appearance. This ensures that the product always arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

FUNGIMÉNEZ will be present at Fruit Attraction 2018 because FUNGIMÉNEZ is the mushroom brand.