FRUTAS MONTOSA, avocado and mango specialists at Fruit Attraction 2018

Frutas Montosa will be presenting all of its products at Fruit Attraction. As well as the fresh sector, in which they specialise in avocados and mangos, Frutas Montosa also processes the fruits it sells into guacamole and mango sauce. It uses high pressure processing (HPP) technology to retain the original freshness of the raw product, increasing its useful life and preventing browning.

It is important to mention that the 2017 restyling of the Native brand for its processed avocado and mango led them to win several awards such as a bronze in the 2018 Best awards at the Alimentaria fair held in April.

Montosa has been working for more than 35 years to offer a quality product 365 days a year. From its beginnings, Montosa set out to be a distinctive company that honours not only its usual products but also a tradition that unites different contents through genuine flavour. It protects the quality of its products first and foremost, demanding accountability from its producers, who it works side-by-side with.

The company contributes to Spanish growth and development, an economic and social driver for the country. Together with more than 1500 farmers and around 400 employees, it makes up a big family, a company that works together to achieve the best avocados on the market.

Se trata de una empresa que contribuye al crecimiento y desarrollo del origen español, motor económico y social de nuestra tierra. Junto con estos más de 1500 agricultores y unos 400 empleados aproximadamente, se ha constituido una gran familia, una sociedad conectada para conseguir el mejor aguacate del mercado.


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